For the moments
you hate
For the moments you hate
Even when you love training and self-improvement, there are moments you hate. Whether it’s early mornings, assault bike intervals, heavy deadlifts or studying for an exam, the tough moments are what makes you better, stronger and smarter. And that’s why you also, in some weird way, love them. Naia’s overarching communication concept “Jobbigare utan” celebrates these moments, while adding a friendly reminder that they actually are a little less tough with an extra energy push.
Naia's goal is to become the rebel of energy drinks. Naia wanted our help with developing an overarching communication concept that would increase consideration and preference as well as reach the right audience and spark engagement.

So what if we poke a hole in that perfect bubble and remind people of when they are in most need of energy? Even the things we love have moments that we hate. But the harder it feels before doing something, the better it feels afterward, especially with the help from Naia.
Jobbigare utan - Naia.